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Caleb Fast


Caleb Fast

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Caleb Fast is a Canadian melodic pop artist based out of Welland, Ontario. Caleb is also the founder of the fastest growing multimedia company on the planet: @watchsincerely

He is a lover of God, aquariums, his son, fiancé and of course: music.

Beginning his journey in the summer of 2021, Caleb Fast has seen a rapid path to almost certain stardom with his current 3 EP’s: “La Douleur Exquise” (2021) “Love, And Other Drugs” (2023) and “if you see her, let her know i called” (2023) as well as various singles throughout the past 2 years.

Caleb has also seen an increase in traction with the release of a few videos, specifically “Sex And Drugs” which has amassed nearly 100 000 views in a month this past year (2023).

Be sure to check out his multi-media company “Sincerely” which can be found on all socials @watchsincerely.

We are all excited to see what this young man has to offer, at the young age of 21 years old.
Be sure to stream his music on all platforms.

Drink water and find God.

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