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Sunshine Express


Sunshine Express

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At the centre of Niagara’s new alternative scene, Sunshine Express are a shining force of urgent, electric energy: rock ‘n’ roll with an expressive, experimental edge.

Early iterations of the group saw songwriter MattUU pioneering a 'post-vaporwave' style, a fusion of alternative rock, lo-fi, plunderphonics, and ambient music. Influences were wide-ranging: Oneohtrix Point Never, Smashing Pumpkins, Daft Punk, Nirvana, Radiohead, Oasis, Flaming Lips, and Lil B ""The BasedGod"". From 2019-2022, S.EX lacked a permanent lineup yet produced two albums, released a handful of video projects, and gigged throughout Ontario.

By late 2022, S.EX had a core membership and signature sound: MattUU's auto-tuned vocals and ambient guitar, JassChau's in-your-face AKAI sampler, and Aidan R's effect-heavy bass. The trio became further recognizable for distinct visuals: black lights, face paint, and tape projections, all glistening with a new space-age aura.

In early 2023, S.EX’s hometown, St. Catharines, known for its a hardcore scene, saw a musical rebirth. With help from the band’s label ROUTINE EXPLOITS, alternative shows became increasingly popular. S.EX played prominent sets at sold-out DIY festivals like CHUB FEST and CROSS-POLLINATION. Diehard S.EX fans formed the ‘Musical Militia’, an integral part of a new, ascendant local subculture.

In May, frontman MattUU released SEx Demos 1</strong>, a solo singer-songwriter take on the band’s work and a nod to minimalist influences like Robert Johnson, Erik Satie, and Sufjan Stevens.

I LUV SEX, the band’s most recent release, captures the group’s dynamic rock ‘n’ roll ethos and embrace of experimentation. The track, recorded live in the studio, mixes rock instrumentation with pad synths and Mario 64 sound font samples.



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