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Chuuub!.....the band

Updated: Feb 5

By Chase & Jesse Chappell

Niagara as a community is currently blooming into a hotbed of creativity.

From DIY crocheting businesses to a bourgeoning and, dare I say, revitalized music scene, it seems as though more and more of the artistically inclined are making their way to the Niagara region to fulfill their artistic identities while simultaneously building a community based on inclusivity, empathy, and respect.

Focusing specifically on music, Niagara and its surrounding areas has served as the stomping grounds for some of the most exciting punk and hardcore bands in Canada. From the early days of The Demics, Forgotten Rebels, and Teenage Head to more contemporary acts including Single Mothers, Chastity and a little known band called Alexisonfire, Niagara as a music scene has always had something to say with the “fck you*” attitude to back it up. This attitude is alive and well with the “Munk Punkers” themselves: Chub; a band we at Medium Baby had the pleasure of catching up with recently in anticipation for their headlining show coming up at Warehouse on April 20th.

As it turns out, Chub draws inspiration from Aussie-punk bands like The Chats, and Amyl and The Sniffers, to develop an engaging, original, and “in-yer-face” style that ups the ante in terms of what the Niagara music scene has to offer.

Their latest album "Munk Punk" embraces a sort of renaissance of punk styles while also incorporating softer and melodic moments that turns the listener’s expectations upside-down (in a good way).

Owing to their sound is Chub’s DIY recording and mixing style which is all done in house (AKA Vocalist/guitarist Jake’s garage). The DIY spirit is reflected further in Chubs imagery, including their merch, music videos, and stage production, all of which is produced and handled solely by the band.

Their latest record: “MUNK PUNK” reveals Chubs sense of humor and nonchalant attitude towards songwriting, punk as a genre, and life in general. When asked about the title and driving philosophy of their record, Chub had this to say.

“…We wanted to make an album that covered a gambit of punk styles and came up with a title that allowed us to freely explore that. Monk felt cool. Pub punk, shed rock, monk punk.”

The bands creative process itself involves artistic expression from a point of “feeling” and brotherhood rather which goes against the grain of forms of songwriting that seek to find the perfect notes in the “correct” order. What comes from this is a sound that’s fresh and exciting and yet one that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is glad to have the listener along for the ride.


Welcome to the Show!

If you're looking for a night that you'll never forget, then you need to check out Chub's upcoming gig at Warehouse on April 20th.

As Jake puts it:

"You come to Chub for the fun show, maybe you get an airtight performance or maybe you don’t. Regardless, you get the best night of your life."

They're proud to represent Niagara on the punk music scene, and they're excited to be part of such a vibrant and supportive community. So if you're ready to experience punk rock the way it was meant to be, then you need to check out Chub. They're the band that's all heart and all energy, and they're sure to leave you wanting more.

Like what you see? For more, take a look at the full interview here!

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