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MVLL CRIMES Full Festival Interview

By Chase & Jesse Chappell

Medium Baby: Tell us a little bit about MVLL CRIMES. Where does your musical background come from and what made the group pursue performing music?

MVLL CRIMES: Patrick (guitar) is a former choir boy with the voice of an angel. Both Nathan (drums) and Laurie (bass) have been playing their respective  instruments for many years. I (Jill, vocals) have always been loud and angry, so it’s nice to find something to channel that into. MVLL CRIMES is what happened when Patrick wanted to try something “heavy”. 


Medium Baby: You seem to draw a lot of inspiration from a multitude of genres with hardcore being at the forefront. What about this style of music resonates with you?

MC: All of us feel strongly about DIY ethics when it comes to making music. Hardcore is a genre that has persisted despite lack of venues, funding and mainstream interest. There’s something really special about that at a point where public arts funding isn’t keeping pace with need and a lot of venue spaces have closed due to rising operating costs. 


Medium Baby: On the topic of influences, what bands are currently in your daily rotation? Anyone on the Vertigo billing you’re personally excited to see?

MC: I (Jill) have been listening to Cannibal Corpse a lot. 33 isn’t too old for a black metal phase, is it?

We are always excited to see Single Mothers, a band which deserves every good thing coming their way and more. We are doing a run of shows with Pkew Pkew Pkew which is culminating in Vertigo, and I think we’re all really looking forward to that. I’m excited to see Over It because I like it when hardcore bands play festivals which aren’t exclusively hardcore. Also their EP fucks.


Medium Baby: Here’s a philosophical question for you. Why have been listening to these artists? What draws you to them and their music?

MC: Drew Thomspon of Single Mothers is an incredible songwriter. He’s such a presence during their live shows - I wish I had his stamina. Generally speaking, I like bands who write music that demands multiple listens. 


Medium Baby: Have you played any festivals in the past? What drew you to perform in Vertigo?

MC:  We have played a few! The band debuted at our pal Davita’s London-based festival, Collateral Jammage. We played Sled Island in June, Gnarfest in November and Pop Montreal in 2022. Always grateful for an opportunity to play somewhere where we don’t get to play very often - we’ve only had one other show in St. Catharine’s.


Medium Baby: What song of yours would you consider personifies MVLL CRIMES and why?

MC: If you want to hear what MVLL CRIMES currently sounds like, I would recommend “MOSH COP” off of “SLED ISLVND 2023”. That’s an early version of a song that will be on our first album (out later this year!).


Medium Baby: What is your creative process when it comes to penning a new song?

MC: I am writing lyrics down as soon as they come to me. Sometimes Pat and I will come up with a rough outline of a song and then the four of us will hash it out at practice. Sometimes we come up with things on the spot. We try to keep it loose as we have had luck with multiple processes. 


Medium Baby: Vertigo Fest is almost here! Are there any mantras, rituals, or prep work you abide by to ensure a performance meets your personal standards? 

MC: We want to make sure the set is very tight. The goal is to not even bring a setlist up on stage. In terms of meeting personal standards, make sure everyone has eaten and has had a chance to explore the venue a little bit. I need to know where the bathroom is wherever I go. I’m sorry but I will not compromise this.


Medium Baby: What impact do you foresee Vertigo Fest having on your future music career?

MC: We wanna come back, St. Catharine’s.


Medium Baby: After Vertigo is all said and done, what are your plans for the remainder of the year? 

MC: Big year for the CRIMINVLS. We have a full length album coming out later this year, plans for a Canada tour, and we might finally make it into the US this year. We’re also in talks with a band we really admire about doing a split that will likely be out near the end of the year.


Medium Baby: Where can fans listen to your music and catch up on all the latest news from MVLL CRIMES?

MC: You can listen to our music on all platforms that stream music, and would be especially grateful if you listened to us on Bandcamp. I am addicted to Instagram, so that’s the best way to get MVLL CRIMES news. 

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