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Vertigo Festival Spotlight: Over It

Getting Over It. Mainstage Openers are Punk Mainstays.

By Chase and Jesse Chappell

In the world of hardcore music, Over It emerges as a force to be reckoned with, with a raw, unfiltered energy pulsating throughout every track music, reflecting a collective discontent that resonates deeply with their audience.

Far From the Norm

Over It isn't your typical band with a neatly packaged origin story. They describe themselves simply as "a couple dudes who are pissed off and want to make music that reflects it." Drawing from a diverse musical background spanning punk, psych, death metal, and even jazz, Over It was born out of a casual conversation between members Devan and Austin, who decided to start a hardcore band while waiting for their other project's members to arrive for rehearsal. And thus, Over It was born, a testament to the spontaneous combustion of creativity fueled by frustration.

Authenticity Over Fiction

As a Niagara based artist, performing at festivals like Vertigo isn't just about showcasing their music; it's about supporting and developing a blossoming scene they hold dear. For instance, the track "UP 2 THE YOUTH," embodies the bands collective belief in the importance of exposing younger generations in the Niagara area to musical influences and cultural movements rooted firmly rooted in activism; something that seems all too easy to neglect in a person’s increasingly digitized, and ironically isolated, milieu.

Not Slowing Down

As Vertigo Fest looms on the horizon, Over It anticipates the opportunity to expand their reach and connect with new fans. And with plans to record their upcoming release "Garden Style" at School House studios, the band shows no signs of slowing down. For those eager to dive into the world of Over It, their music and updates can be found on their Instagram (@overithc) and Spotify. Catch them ripping at the 5:30 PM time slot at Isaac’s Feb. 10th by getting tickets here.

If you're not quite "Over It", head over to the companion interview within the "Blogs" section of for the full Over It story.

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