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Vertigo Festival Spotlight: MVLL CRIMES

The Ones Who Crime at the MVLL are Here to Cause Hell

By Chase & Jesse Chappell

Vertigo is upon us….the fog of war dawns in an endless expanse…you and your friends have got tickets and are approaching the venue scared, excited, and a little bit hungie. Those Triscuit crackers you ate in your moms Ford Aerostar definitely weren’t enough. However, one thing quells the pangs of hunger that rumble deep in your tum tum and that is, the sight of MVLL CRIMES live on the stage at Vertigo Music Festival!


MVLL CRIMES comprises of the ever-attractive Patrick, Laurie, Nathan, and Jill; Each equipped with diverse and razor-sharp musical backgrounds ranging from former choir boys ripping some hymns to years of instrumental study and martial mastery in the monasteries of Tibet. However, it is within the bowels of the growling Hardcore scene that the quartet found their shared affinity for heavy, pit swirling sounds.

For MVLL CRIMES, hardcore isn't just a genre; it's a way of life. Despite challenges like limited mainstream exposure and nightmarish (possibly oafish even) politicians stripping art of its funding and “economic viability”, MVLL CRIMES raises the hardcore gauntlet to stand as a beacon of authenticity and passion...Can I borrow a dollar?


As they eagerly anticipate their vertigo debut, MVLL CRIMES has their eyes set on a rigorous tour across Canada and a potential foray into the US as they gear up for a monumental year which includes a debut album release. Prepare to be swept away by their electrifying performance 7:30 PM on the main stage at Vertigo, marking an touchdown in what is sure to be a packed year.

Fans can catch MVLL CRIMES' music on all major streaming platforms, most prominently found on Spotify and Bandcamp. Check out their Instagram for exclusive behind the scenes footage of the recording and touring process and of course…..say hello in the pit!

Enjoy the read? Check out MVLL CRIMES and many others by snagging some Vertigo tickets here. Also, check out their accompanying interview here for more CRIMINVL goodness.

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