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Over It Full Festival Interview

By Chase & Jesse Chappell

Medium Baby: Tell us a little bit about Over It. Where does your musical background come from and how did your band start?

Over It: Over it is nothing more than a couple dudes who are pissed off and want to make music that reflects it. Our musical background stems for all areas. Punk, psych, death metal, hardcore. Hell we even have a jazz influence if you look hard enough. We started in march or April of 2023 when Devan and Austin were waiting for the remainder of their (at the time) other projects members to show up for rehearsal. Austin simply said “we should start a hardcore band” and it’s been history ever since.

Medium Baby: You seem to draw a lot of inspiration from punk genres and sub-genres such as Screamo, Hardcore, and even Death Metal. What about these styles of music resonates with you?

Over it: Yea for sure, I think when it comes down to it is that these genres are fueled by aggression, but also have a message. It’s also just fun to listen to.

Medium Baby: On the topic of influences, what bands are currently in your daily rotation? Anyone on the Vertigo billing you’re personally excited to see?

Over it: This is a tough one since we all have very different backgrounds. Reality Denied, Ceremony, End It, Job for a Cowboy, Void, Suicidal Tendencies, Mushroom Valley, Chub, Shingen, Sunnycide, Twelvespot and so many more, oh wait and 311. As for who were stoked to see, Single Mothers and MVLL CRUMES.

Medium Baby: Here’s a philosophical question for you. Why have been listening to these artists? What draws you to them and their music?

Over it: that’s easy they’re good lol. nah i just think it comes back to the message these bands preach, anti-cop, anti-establishment, anti-government. All of these are beliefs that we share not just with these bands but with each other and they’re all from ontario for the most part, way too many bands putting out sick shit.

Medium Baby: Have you played any festivals in the past? What drew you to perform in Vertigo?

Over it: Yes actually our first show was a festival called Chub Fest. It was put on by our big homies in chub. We wanted support and show off what the scene is to folks who may not be aware.

Medium Baby: What song of yours would you consider personifies Over It and why?

Over it: I’d say UP 2 THE YOUTH which is a new one. All of the members believe that while those in the scene are important it’s just as important to get the youth involved in music and what not. Shout out Logan from Mt Vile.

Medium Baby: What is your creative process when it comes to penning a new song?

Over it: Normally it’ll be Dawson, Mike or Evan come up with a riff and then we just work it out. On the sidelines Austin is writing lyrics while at work (cause who doesn’t wanna get paid for their work) or listening to ideas that the others have sent. And then dev plays that one beat and we call it a day.

Medium Baby: Vertigo Fest is almost here! Are there any rituals or prep work you abide by to ensure a performance meets your personal standards?

Over it: Beer, mainly. Austin normally goes for a cheese burger as well. Other than we sort of just go up and rip. Dawson fucks up a mortadella sandwich though.

Medium Baby: What impact do you foresee Vertigo Fest having on your music career?

Over it: hopefully getting our name out there and getting some new faces in front of our music.

Medium Baby: After Vertigo is all said and done, what are your plans for the remainder of the year?

Over It: We’re going out to School House studios with Andy from Reality Denied to record our upcoming release “Garden Style”. After that just gigging and writing. We’d be a happy band if we could release 2 EPs this year.

Medium Baby: Where can fans listen to your music and catch up on all the latest news from Over It?

Over it: Instagram: @overithc Spotify: OVER IT (can also access through our link in our bio since it’s a popular name to search)

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