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Vertigo Festival Spotlight: Zach Bury

Updated: Feb 6

Festival Opener, Show Stopper.

By Chase & Jesse Chappell

One man and a guitar…few can approach the stage with such simplicity while maintaining the attention-grabbing ferocity of a 5-piece rock band like Zach Bury; yet that is exactly what the lovely (and lucky) folks in Vertigo’s VIP section have in store this February 10th at Brock University.

Salt of the Earth

Zach Bury is one of the many artists at Vertigo who is a Niagara local. In fact, Zach Bury has been described as “Niagara’s Bob Dylan”, a comparison that becomes obvious when you listen to stand out tracks in his discography like Here to Stay where messages of self-love, freedom & understanding, and self-discipline represent what its like to be a young musician, nay, person in today’s crazy, crazy world. Zach Bury’s personal philosophies also shine through in the track Better Than Yesterday which motivates the listener to push forward and shine bright away from yesterday’s mistakes.

Navigating New Frontiers

Zach’s self-produced and well-acclaimed debut EP, Brash Suggestions in Adolescence, emerges as a true retrospective of the life and love of the Niagara music scene from past to present and is sure to turn some heads during his intimate VIP set. With influences ranging from Marvin Gaye and Lauryn Hill to Bob Dylan and Stompin’ Tom Connors, Zach Bury’s diverse musical palette should give everyone attending a hint at the soulful expression and potent lyricism he brings to the stage as he kicks off Vertigo in style.

Like A Rolling Stone

If you want to see “Niagara’s Bob Dylan” live and in-person, stop by Vertigo Music Festival at the 5 PM time slot. Check out the Medium Baby site to read the full companion interview for a more in-depth look at Vertigo featured artist; Zach Bury.


If you want to see and hear more from Niagara’s own Zach Bury, you can check his socials here and his Spotify here.

Get your Vertigo Tickets here to see more artists like Zach!

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